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Sitting Pretty Shop is a place where I sell a selection of handmade and vintage clothing, accessories and homewares.

Vintage Clothing & Accessories:

All Vintage clothing has been carefully sourced for the shop. As Vintage sizing can differ from modern sizing, I will state the Vintage size, and also the size it would 'best suit'. Each item is graded as one of the following conditions, along with a brief note of any specific faults.:

Good - Great over all condition, but there may be one or two small faults such as markings or missing buttons etc. 

Excellent - Brilliant condition though there may be a couple of tiny faults or loose threads. These are barely noticeable and don't make difference to over all appearance.

Perfect - As good as new! No visible faults at all.


Handmade - These items have been made by myself using sourced fabrics. Most fabrics are new, although they are purchased in small quantities, making most items one off pieces.

I also source Vintage fabrics for making home accessories. If a product is made from a Vintage fabric, this will be stated in the product description.

Vintage - Like Vintage Clothing, I also source Vintage Homewares. These will be graded in the same conditions as clothing (see above).

Custom Orders

I am also willing to create items for custom orders. Please see the 'Requests' page for more details.